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Bobby Parrish has amassed an audience of over 12 million like-minded followers. From highly educational grocery store videos, to deep dives behind food packaging and ingredient lists, to recipe creation, a wildly successful blog, and everything in between - Bobby has earned his title as the ultimate culinary health authority. Always passionate about what lies beneath, Bobby set out 11 years ago with a mission to educate and amplify real health. After launching several best-selling cookbooks, creating a ‘Bobby-Approved’ grocery companion app, and a growing line of FlavCity Protein Smoothies and body supports, the demand for clean cookware exploded; it was time for the brand to expand.

Over the years leading up to the FlavCIty Cookware launch, Bobby was approached to endorse several seemingly ‘clean’ lines of cookware. Yet, whenever put to the ‘Bobby-Approved’ test, none were quite up to snuff. Some offered products that felt redundant and unnecessary, and others failed to pass the health and safety standards at the core of Bobby’s brand. So, with integrity and allegiance to his fan base in mind, the FlavCity Cookware idea was born.

The search for the right cookware partner was super important. Yet, with all the players in the market, one quickly rose to the forefront. With 100+ years of unparalleled craftsmanship, a stellar brand reputation and unbeatable quality standards, Tramontina was the choice!

Together, Bobby and Tramontina are here to disrupt the cookware industry with intentional, 100% non-toxic kitchen sets free of forever chemicals and unequivocally built to last. Welcome to the total FlavCity kitchen experience; FlavCity Cookware has arrived!